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What We Teach

If you've never done Pilates before, welcome. It is my hope that you will come to find this method of exercise indispensable to your health and well-being.

The Pilates method is a complete system of fundamental exercises you will build upon in every lesson. The initial exercises are found within every exercise you'll encounter in your study, even very advanced ones.

If you are a longtime Pilates enthusiast, or an instructor yourself, let's work together to bring out your very best and take your workout to the next level.

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The PILATES at MAD difference

Getting results is our ultimate goal. We handpick each teacher at our studio for their expertise and depth of knowledge. Each of our instructors have spent years developing their understanding of Pilates, in practice and in teaching, so that you can get an effective, high-impact workout every single time you visit our studio.
When one of our Instructors takes you on as a new client, you are in for some serious changes ahead. In the first lesson, our teachers take the time to get to know you and learn about your lifestyle and personal fitness goals and start moving.  From this initial meeting, our instructors are able to design lessons that help you achieve your goals and perform at levels you never thought possible before.

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The Pilates method, originally called Contrology, was created by Joseph Pilates. Based on spring resistance, Pilates is a strong core workout to stretch and strengthen the body simultaneously. It is a unique system of specified exercises on mat and equipment that when done correctly yields incredible results. Joseph Pilates perfected this f3method over several decades and invented numerous pieces of apparatus to help people understand the work and to target specific weaknesses in the body.

As a form of corrective exercise, the body can strengthen and repair itself through movement. People who suffer from pain often get relief as discomfort often stems from imbalances and stress. 

The Pilates technique is comprised of movements designed to balance mobility and stability. It has a progressive nature built into the system so there is a definite beginner level, that with practice, lends itself to the intermediate level and beyond. In the beginning, much focus is placed on your “center” or abdominal, your lower back, and the balance of the central musculature areas of your body. We do not sacrifice healthy form to a number of reps or added resistance. Each session is focused on the uniform development of your body in order to create stretch, strength, and control, resulting in visible changes in your posture and movement.

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In each visit to Muscle Activation Dallas, you should expect to move within your healthy range of motion and try new things that are challenging. You may or may not break a sweat, but it is certainly within our goals to get you moving with an element of challenge. Barring any injuries or physical limitations, you should expect to forward bend, side-bend, backbend, twist, and invert within a range that is appropriate for you. If you want to “check out” while you exercise, that is not going to happen in your pilates session! We want you to be in control of every movement. Your mind along with your muscle to create motion.

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Now, nearly a century after Mr. Pilates began his life’s work, there is a very wide spectrum of what you might find under the name “Pilates.” There are many teachers who use the term, and even train teachers, while their work bares no resemblance to the work of Joseph Pilates. The term “classical” or “authentic” is used to distinguish the organized body of work from new forms of Pilates that people are brewing on their own. At Muscle Activation Dallas we teach clear and healthy anatomical information within the program Joseph Pilates designed. It is important to us that when you leave our studio, you will be able to take a classical pilates class anywhere in the world and have a full comprehension of the movements.

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Pilates is good for everyone, from young to old, men to women, beginners to athletes. It can be gentle if needed or the hardest workout you will ever do! Pilates is all about a strong middle (core) and a two-way stretch from it. Everyone will benefit from this whether your goal is to get physically stronger, to relieve back pain or to improve your athletic performance. With Pilates, you will gain a stronger core, a healthier body, and ease of movement so that you can live a healthy active life.

“Concentrate on the correct movement each time you exercise, lest you do them improperly and thus lose all vital benefits.”

Joseph Pilates

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Our goal is the same as the late Joseph Pilates,

“Health and happiness through physical fitness”

Joseph Pilates

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