Let us help you achieve your personal goals, navigate injuries or imbalances and guide you as you evolve your practice. We will meet your needs, study your movement, and challenge you to achieve the most with your body.


Muscle Activation Techniques™ assesses and corrects muscular imbalances, joint instability, and limitations in range of motion for people of all ages. Most therapies focus on the symptoms of muscle tightness. Muscle Activation Technique (MAT™) focuses on improving muscle function to resolve the issues that lead to tightness, compromised performance, and slow recovery. One of the principals of MAT™ is that ‘tightness” is secondary to weakness. So, whereby other modalities will suggest you stretch or massage a tight muscle, MAT™ analyzes the body for the weakness that is causing the tightness. When those muscles are corrected, the tight muscles will release.

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MAT™ Sessions  – $150   per  session

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Private lessons are all about you! A certified teacher will lead you through a 55­-minute full-­body workout incorporating any of the apparatus in the studio.

Private lessons provide a customized, high­-energy workout, that will provide you with results. Whether you are an elite athlete, a novice to fitness, healthy, or recovering from an injury, our instructions will meet all your needs. Our teachers meet you at your personal fitness level, and adjust, adapt, and challenge you to progress. We tailor each private session to fit your goals, and do only what is in your best interest.

Instructor  Privates  – $85 – $­100  per  session
Privates  with  Vicki  – $120  per  session

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Book a session with a friend or partner and you can enjoy a tailored workout suited to your fitness level, while motivating each other to stay active. These sessions are limited to 2 or 3 clients.

In each 55­ minute lesson, a certified teacher will lead you through a series of exercises on any of the apparatus in the studio. A fun and more affordable way to get the full Pilates experience while still receiving a great amount of individual attention.

Instructor  Semi-­Privates  – $60 – $­75   per  session
Semi­-Privates  with  Vicki – $65 – $­80  per  session

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Limited to 4 students and done on a mat or the “Reformer.”


These 55­minute sessions focus on will teach you the classical mat or reformer exercises in the original order.

The small class size will guarantee that you receive the a high level of instruction and personalized attention, while keeping you safe

Small  Group  – $35 – $­40  per  session

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Join us on the mat, or your equipment from the comfort of your home or office!

Due to very high demand, we now offer an online classical Pilates sessions, delivered by one of our via Skype.
Wherever you happen to be, now you don’t have to miss a session. Book your online session now!

Skype  Lesson – $120  per  session

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